Rural Management & Development Department, Government of Sikkim, India

  Press Release

Date Press Release
10th December 2014

Springs, not glaciers, fighting back climate change in eastern Himalayas

5th November 2014

Meghalaya Team Visits Sikkim to Learn from the Dhara Vikas Initiative

21st October 2014

MGNREGA helps in Reducing Water Shortage in Thingling Village in West Sikkim

10th July 2014

RMDD’s Dhara Vikas Initiative to be Piloted in Bhutan, Meghalaya and Nagaland

22nd March 2011

Bhutan Govermant Official completes four days learning visit to Sikkim

2nd December 2011

RM&DD's Dhara Vikas initiative awarded in eNorth East Award Summit 2011

27th June 2011

Nagi Pokhari to quench thristy Namthang Rateypani

30th May 2011

A workshop on Ground Water Recharge held at Kitam

9th May 2011

Exposure visit to Nainital under the Dhara-Vikas programme

26th March 2011

Dhara Vikas programme boosts ground water recharge

25th March 2011

Consultation workshop held on rainwater harvesting for groundwater recharge projects

23rd Jan. 2011

Officials, researchers, study possibilities of starting trial pit at Budang Dhap Pokhari

21st Sept. 2010

Strategies of spring water conservation

24th July 2010

Sikkim team completes training on ground water management in Pune

18th June 2010

Vegetative measures at Lampatey source at Namthang block, South Sikkim

8th June 2010

Training on Geo-hydrology and GIS applications to recharge Sikkim's dharas

22nd April 2010 Sikkim team tours HP and Uttarakhand to study Dhara Vikash Successes
3rd Nov 2009 RM & DD Minister inaugurates Dhara Vikash programme at Duga
9th June 2009 Rural water security under NREGA Dhara Vikash programme
8th April 2009 Village spring Atlas aims to cover 1,000 water sources this year