Rural Management & Development Department, Government of Sikkim, India

Conserving lakes

Revival of lake at Datum, West Sikkim

The work was commenced with a objective of not only preserving and developing the datum lake but also to make the lake sustainable for tourism purposes. More....

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Artificial recharge of Nagi Lake, South Sikkim

The Nagi lake in the Namthang Block of South Sikkim traditionally played a vital role in ensuring sustenance of the village springs in the past. The lake is located on the top of a hill above the Namthang bazaar and just adjacent to the Namthang monastery. More....

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Revival of Deythang lake

The Deythang lake has a capacity of 84,000 litres, which is sufficient to meet the requirements of 90 households to support floriculture, agriculture and horticulture activities. As a result of this, the discharge of the springs below the lakes has also increased. Tourists have also started visiting the area as it is near the road and it is developing as a picnic spot. More....

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Rejuvenation of Dolling lake

The Dolling was a seasonal pond i.e. the pond used to be full during rainy season only and for rest of the year it remained dry. Today the pond has become perennial and is filled with water with the Buddhist prayer flags fluttering all around

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