Rural Management & Development Department, Government of Sikkim, India

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Group photo with officials from Bhutan and Meghalaya

Group photo with officials from WB Calcutta

Interaction on Dhara Vikas with PRI and Senior Journalist of Media

Interaction with BDO Namthang and officials from West Bengal Government

Training on Geohydrology and GIS at SIRD, Jorethang

Vegetation measures at Lampatey source at Namthang, South Sikkim

Typology mapping of Springs at Sikkip

Artifical recharge works at Sumbuk, South Sikkim

Geohydrology training by Devdutt of ACWADAM

Geohydrology training in SIRD

Geology study in spring catchment

Rural spring in Rhenock, East Sikkim

Sping recharge by rain water harvesting in trenches

Typology of spring mapping


Springs-shed development at Duga

Springs-shed development at Kaluk

Springs at Bakuthang, Kaluk

Fetching of water uphill from springs in Kaluk

Springs-shed landuse map

Launching of the village springs atlas project

Dhara (springs)

Women engaged in springs shed development works in Sumbuk, South Sikkim

Questionnaire for field survey

Measuring Discharge of Springs

Automatic Weather Station (AWS)

Dhokrey Dhara at Sumbuk

Devithan Dhara at Sudunglakha, Rhenock

Jhor dhara at Rehnock

Pallo Dhara, Sumbuk

Bhutan Exposure

Bhutan Exposure

Percolation Pit

Minor irrigation channels to enhance food security

Springs (dhara) in rural areas

Water collected in a trench at sadam khasmal

PM Award for Excellence

E-North East Award