Rural Management & Development Department, Government of Sikkim, India

  Research and studies  

UNDP Resource Book 2015
By: NITI Aayog, Government of India & United Nations Development Programme 2013
Dhara Vikas Handbook
By: Rural Management and Development Department, Government of Sikkim
Greening Rural Development in India Report by UNDP India
By: United Nations Development Programme India 2012
Environmental Benefits and Vulnerability Reduction through Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
By: Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in collaboration with Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
Impact of climate change on spring water of eastern Himalayas and work done by The State Institute of Rural Development, Sikkim (SIRD) on spring shed development.
By: Richa Gurung,M.A.Environment and Development, Ambedkar University, New Delhi.
Climate change study in Sikkim
By: Dr. Sandeep Tambe, Ghanashyam Kharel and groups
Tour report submitted by PSI
By: Mr. Rajesh Kumar and Dr. Sunesh Sharma, PSI
Hydrogeological Studies And Action Research For Spring Recharge And Development And Hill-top Lake Restoration In Parts Of Southern District, Sikkim State
GSI study of south and west Sikkim
By: L.M.S. Maura
Spring development in Sikkim
By: Ms. Laura Coulson, School of International Training, India, 2010
Springs: A common source of a common resource
By: Kaustubh Mahamuni and Devdutt Upasani
ACWADAM Workshop Technical Report Sept 2010
Climate Change Adaptation Strategy of Water Sector for Sikkim
People's Science Institute Monitoring Report May 2010
By: Mr. Debashish Sen Deputy Director People's Science Institute (PSI)
Report on Geohydrology of Springs of West and South Sikkim
By Manish Kumar(ATREE)
Geohydrology report of ACWADAM
An overview of the water-related aspects of Sikkim by Central Ground Water Board
Conceptualizing strategies to enhance rural water security in Sikkim, Eastern Himalaya, India
By: Sandeep Tambe, M.L.Arrawatia , Rajesh Kumar, Hiralal Bharti, Priyadarshinee Shrestha
Spring-shed Development Programme Under MG-NREGA
By: Sandeep Tambe, Additional Secretary ,Rural Management and Development Department, Government of Sikkim
Geohydrology of springs in a mountain watershed: The need for problem solving research
By: G.S.C Negi and Varun Joshi.
Springs Sanctuary Development to Meet Household Water Demand in Mountains: A Call for Action
By: G.S.C. Negi, V. Joshi and K. Kumar
Rainfall and Springs Discharge Pattern in Two Small Drainage Catchments in the Western Himalayan Mountains, India
By: G.S.C. Negi and V. Joshi
Understandings about Springs of Sikkim and a few words about roof-top rain water harvesting
By: Dr. Indranil Roy ,Central Ground Water Board (CGWB)
Ensuring water flows through spring sanctuaries
By: People's Science Institute, Dehra Doon